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January 2015

Gold Coast – February 2015
30 January 2015

I’ll be staying in a 5 star resort on the Gold Coast on the 11th and 12th of February and I would love you to join me for lunch or dinner and some intimate pleasures in the bedroom. My lunch and dinner dates are $1500 and include social time dining out and two hours intimate time in the bedroom. Allow me to whet your appetite…

Lunch Date

It’s midday and the sun is shining bright on the Gold Coast, you arrive at a 5 star resort by the beach and enter the lobby in anticipation. You send me a text message “Hi Scarlett, I’ve arrived.” I reply “I’m relaxing by the pool, come and join me.” Your heart thumps as you look for directions to the pool, heading outside you wonder how you will spot me. There is a slender lady lounging by the pool in a summery bikini, “Mmmmm!” As you approach you see another lady in a skimpy outfit and pause to enjoy the view of scantily clad ladies bathing in the sun. I notice you arrive by the pool and sensing your hesitation I beckon you over to my sun lounge. You can’t help but admire the way my bikini enhances the curves of my breasts and covers very little of my juicy butt. We acquaint ourselves and stroll to the hotel restaurant for a light lunch and a chilled glass of wine before I whisk you back to my hotel room to indulge in heated passion…

Dinner Date

At 7pm you arrive at one of the Gold Coast’s 5 star resorts. “Good evening Sir” the bell boy greets you as he opens the door. You take a seat in the lobby and send me a text “Hello Scarlett, I’m in the lobby.” Soon after my reply comes through, “I’m in the bar enjoying a cocktail, wearing a fitted green dress with shiny black high heels and my hair in a pony tail.” Walking into the bar area you spot me in my green dress and smile in relief that you are about to spend the evening with a stunning young lady. We enjoy getting to know one another over a drink and dinner, and while the night is young I invite you back to my room to explore the delights hidden under my dress…

If you desire relaxation and pleasure please email me soon to discuss your perfect date on the Gold Coast.

Scarlett x

Scarlett Maison champagne for two final


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The Girlfriend Experience
22 January 2015

If you are yet to spend time with an escort you may have never heard of the term Girlfriend Experience, or perhaps you have seen GFE mentioned in escort advertising but you’re unsure what it involves. There are varied opinions on what is included in a GFE. I can’t speak for other escorts as we have different personalities and provide varied services, but I can tell you what I know about the GFE and enlighten you on the GFE that I enjoy providing to my clients.

The GFE is used often to describe a type of encounter with an escort that places an importance on the companionship and intimacy aspects of the booking in addition to sex. It’s about enjoying a mutually pleasurable time and going with the flow. It should feel natural, comfortable and fun with no pressures. Often it includes passionate kissing, foreplay, massage, cuddles and conversation.

My GFE provides you with the companionship, intimacy and excitement that you may be craving, think of time with me as your brief escape from reality to spoil yourself. When we are together I’m myself, I’m happy, bubbly and down-to-earth. I like to listen, empathise and share life stories of my own. I’m a giver and I have a genuine interest in your pleasure and happiness. During dinner and overnight dates you will really see my true nature exposed. I like to engage in stimulating conversation over a delicious meal and then continue getting to know you between the sheets.

In my private life I love to attend the theatre, concerts and comedy, visit the markets, art galleries and find new cafes for a lazy brunch. We can do those things together too which will really make your time with me feel like a true GFE. I also like doing naughty things in the bedroom that your girlfriend may not, but we’ll talk about those in another blog post.

The GFE should not be mechanical, rushed or cold and if you bring that energy to a date with me then we probably wont click. You should be open to having a great time without too many expectations, chemistry is different between everyone so we will connect in varied ways.

In summary my GFE is an all encompassing, unrushed experience that is mutually pleasurable. I aim to pamper your body, relax your mind and send you back into reality with a spring in your step.

Scarlett x

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