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March 2015

28 March 2015

This post is about escort etiquette, how to go about contacting me to arrange a booking and things that you can do to make your time with me run smoothly. Most of what I am going to write is common sense and hopefully you have manners and know how to treat a lady. However for those of you who are new to the world of escorts or perhaps haven’t spent much time in the company of ladies I suggest you read my little guide on etiquette before our first date, it will certainly make for a much more pleasant experience for both of us.

Contacting Me

Your initial contact is very important as it helps me to decide whether I would like to spend time with you. I don’t see everyone who contacts me and I only see limited clientele each week. If you have an enquiry or would like to make a booking I prefer a text message or email. If you prefer to chat on the phone before meeting we can organise a suitable time for you to call me. In your text or email please introduce yourself and describe your enquiry or details of the booking, including preferred date and time. I’ll then reply to you at my earliest convenience which may not be instantly if I am busy. Here is an example introduction;

“Hello Scarlett, I’m in Brisbane tomorrow night on business and I would love to see you for 2 hours GFE after 8pm if you are available. I am staying at the Marriott. Thanks, Paul.”

“Hi Scarlett my name is Paul, I came across your website and I would like to spend some time with you. This is my first time contacting an escort. Could you please let me know what is included in your services? Thank you.”

Repeated texts and emails are not necessary, if I do not respond it is because I am busy with a client, spending time with friends or family or enjoying some me time. I will however reply as soon as I can. If you have specific times that you are contactable then please make this clear in your message.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming

You may have impeccable hygiene like me but unfortunately not everyone does so here are a few little pointers;


If you would like to caress my smooth body and pleasure me with your fingers then pretty please cut and file your fingernails. I am rather delicate, therefore sharp or dirty fingernails are not welcome inside me.


If you are feeling a little under the weather, please contact me as soon as you can to reschedule your booking with me. I’m usually pretty flexible and I’d much rather see you when you are healthy and able to properly enjoy my company. If I get sick I cannot work, as simple as that. I show the same respect to my clients when I am unwell.


No lady enjoys pash rash on her face or her punani. Please come either clean shaven or with more than a few days growth so that the sandpaper effect is gone and we can enjoy some passionate kissing.

Fresh breath

Speaking of kissing, this requires fresh breath so I have toothbrushes available and provide mouthwash for you to use. If you are a smoker that’s ok, I’m still willing to kiss you providing that you don’t have a cigarette right before we meet.


Wondering whether you should trim or shave down there? This is a personal preference and I do not require you to be perfectly groomed.

When we meet


I require payment before playtime. You can either transfer my payment into my bank account a few days prior to your booking or pay me cash when we meet. It can be in an envelope if you wish but it’s not necessary. I will count your payment in front of you, just like any other business transaction, that way there are no misunderstandings if there is a mistake.


If you have any specific requests that we haven’t discussed prior to meeting then please let me know before we get naked. If there is anything you aren’t comfortable with or are unsure about please let me know, likewise if you have anything you would love to partake in then do let me know, I love to please.

Mobile phone

Please put your mobile phone away and on silent so that we are not distracted while in the throes of passion, it’s a real mood killer when someone from your work calls while I’m pleasuring you.


If you would like me to enjoy pleasuring you then I urge you to take time in the shower when you arrive to make sure you are fresh as a daisy. For those of you that enjoy a bit of anal stimulation please ensure you are prepared.


I do enjoy post coital conversation and I’m not a clock watcher however please respect my time by departing at the appropriate time or asking to extend our time together.
Yes I’m a little fussy but if my clients are well groomed gentlemen then I’ll be a happy young lady, and if I’m happy then I’ll make you extra happy!

Scarlett x

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