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February 2017

Valentine’s Day
10 February 2017

February the 14th, do you love it or loathe it? Do your feelings about the day differ depending on your relationship status? Is it just another day in the calendar for you, or are you a hopeless romantic who loves any occasion to spoil your special someone?

For those that look forward to Valentine’s Day it may be the one day of the year that you receive flowers, or a blowjob! Perhaps it’s the only night in months that you and your partner have a night without the kids so you’re looking forward to dining out together. A lot of couples get engaged or tie the knot on Valentine’s Day, at least that way you’ll never forget your anniversary! You may hope to hear from a secret admirer or long lost love. It’s a day of hope, we all have a desire to be loved.

I remember how awkward Valentine’s Day was when I was in school. Some kids would receive love notes from their crush, others gifts from their sweetheart. As a young girl I was hopeful that someone had a crush on me, but if I did receive a gift I’d be embarrassed in front of my girlfriends. If they didn’t receive anything I’d try and hide my excitement. Many of us would play jokes and send fake “I love you” notes to our friends, I don’t think much school work was done on Valentine’s Day.

When I’m lucky enough to be in love I take the opportunity to get my crafting kit out and hand make a card or get creative in the kitchen. As a single lady I often spend Valentine’s Day dining out with my friends so that no-one feels alone. I also like to focus on myself, a bit of self-loving is good for the soul!

Many say the day was invented for commercial purposes by the Hallmark card company. Maybe it was, however I do believe it’s a good excuse to share the love, after all that is what makes the world go around. I often wish my best friends and my mum a Happy Valentine’s Day, as they’re the people who I hold dear to my heart.

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with your family, friends, partner or yourself.

Scarlett x

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Brisbane Incall Apartment
3 February 2017

I’m excited to welcome you to my new apartment in Brisbane’s inner city suburb Fortitude Valley. While it is in the hubbub of the Valley I’d like it to be your sanctuary from the busy world where you can kick your shoes off, have a long warm shower and relax with a drink in hand and my undivided attention.

Why the move? It was time for a change in the way I run my business and welcome my clients. I’ve always dreamt of having a dedicated space just for work, my own secret apartment in the city where I can entertain clients. I now have more space to enjoy with you. We can get to know one another over a bottle of wine while enjoying views of the Brisbane city skyline and watching the sun set over Mount Coot-tha.

When you arrive I encourage you to take a shower, I provide toiletries for you to use if you require. I have my massage table set up for those of you who enjoy my Erotic Relaxation service and a clean and comfy bed ready to roll around on! My apartment is air-conditioned which is a very welcome necessity in the scorching Queensland heat. 

I chose the location of my apartment close the CBD for those who work in or stay in the city for business, however it’s just far enough outside the CBD to escape the traffic. There is paid Secure parking underneath my apartment building so no more driving around trying to find a park on the street. The rates for parking a pretty reasonable at $10 per hour up to a maximum of $30 total for over 3 hours. My apartment is easy to access via public transport, Fortitude Valley train station is a 5 minute walk and buses travel along Ann Street and Wickham Street regularly.

For the clients who enjoy my company over dinner, you are spoilt for choice of restaurants! Just a short stroll in any direction will lead you to some of Brisbane’s finest eateries and bars, I’ll blog about some of those soon. If however you prefer to stay in and enjoy a drink I have a well stocked bar full of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and a kitchen to prep gourmet platters if you’d like to enjoy a nibble with me over an extended date. We could also order takeaway if privacy is a concern for you and you don’t wish to venture out together.

I’ve still got a bit of embellishing to do over the coming months, I love decorating and I want my boudoir to feel warm and welcoming for my clients. 

Early in 2017 my apartment will be ready to host my Overnight Indulgence dates, instead of hiring a hotel you can fully immerse yourself in my 5 star hospitality 😉

Whether it’s a one hour erotic escape from your work day or an indulgent evening of relaxation I invite you to join me at my new boudoir for a memorable time.

Mi casa es su casa,

Scarlett x

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