Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Ms Scarlett's Reviews
January 2017

Scarlett Maison


I really tossed up whether to do this review tonight or leave it until later on in the week. The only thing that made me go tonight was for the fear of losing part of my memory with regards to the experience, and hence, making my review less than what Scarlett Maison deserves.

before I go to that, though, it was really actually my own bad luck that lead me to being able to see Ms Maison.

I had booked one of my regulars a few days in advanced. However, due to illness she unfortunately had to cancel on me that morning. Frantically searching Locanto, BackPage, Scarlet Blue and Escort & Babes, I came across multiple potentials. A lot, however, weren’t active on weekends which was a bit of a bummer.

I managed to come across one lady, though, that took my eye. In all honesty I was aware of Scarlett previously. When you have a reputation for being one of the best in Brisbane it’s hard not know who you are. I didn’t think she would be available, but when I saw that her schedule said she was I thought she would probably be booked out.

Only a mere 20 minutes later did she respond back to me. She was available. Just my good fortune! A few more texts back and forth and a time was set for later that day for a 2 hour rendezvous.

Scarlett works out of a vibrant, yet still quiet area of town. Her apartment is nice, but the afternoon sun can be quite a nuisance. You tend to forget about it very quickly, however.

She met me and we went up together. One first hit me about Scarlett which I didn’t expect was that her features were a lot softer than what her photos give. I believe one of the previous reviews suggested that she had a kinder voice and face than what they expected. Very apt description.

Scarlett is incredibly engaging, and it was extremely easy to build a rapport and talk to her. She made me feel completely at ease. Her eyes are seductive, and her smile is alluring. Her demeanour completely capturing me.

I started with a shower, and the session… Well… Those who are familiar with my reviews know I don’t tend to share much about activities.

but I will say this. Two pops later and a lot of laughs means etcx2 came away extremely satisfied. Not just that, but she was extremely receptive to the attention I gave her downstairs. It really does fill a guy with confidence.

Anyway, as she fare-welled me with a kiss and a hug, I said that I hoped to see her again some time soon. Suffice to say, a return will be on the cards.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to spend some time with this lovely, young lady I urge you to do so. You won’t regret it.

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