I’m available in Brisbane from 10am until 9pm each day, with the exception of dinner dates that run late into the evening. While my calendar may show that I’m available at a particular time I still need at least one hour notice to prepare for you. Contacting me days or weeks in advance ensures I’m available on your preferred date and time.

Friday 24th7pm - 9pm
Saturday 25thunavailable
Sunday 26th12pm - 5.30pm
Monday 27th10am - 9pm
Tuesday 28thunavailable
Wednesday 29th10am - 9pm
Thursday 30th10am - 9pm
Friday 31st10am - 9pm
Saturday 1st10am - 9pm
Sunday 2nd10am - 9pm
Monday 3rd10am - 9pm
Tuesday 4th10am - 9pm
Wednesday 5th10am - late
Thursday 6th10am - 9pm
Friday 7th10am - 9pm
Saturday 8th10am - 9pm
Sunday 9th10am - 5pm
Monday 10th10am - 9pm
Tuesday 11thplease enquire
Wednesday 12th10am - 9pm
Thursday 13th10am - 9pm
Friday 14th10am - 9pm
Saturday 15th10am - 9pm
Sunday 16th10am - 9pm
Monday 17th10am - 9pm
Tuesday 18th10am - 4pm
Wednesday 19th10am - 9pm
Thursday 20th10am - 9pm
Friday 21st10am - 9pm
Saturday 22ndplease enquire
Sunday 23rdplease enquire
Monday 24th10am - 9pm
Tuesday 25thplease enquire
Wednesday 26th10am - 9pm
Thursday 27th10am - 9pm
Friday 28th10am - 9pm
Saturday 29th10am - 9pm
Sunday 30th10am - 9pm
coming soon...
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