I’m available in Brisbane from 9am until 11pm, 7 days a week. To ensure I’m available to see you on your preferred date and time I recommend contacting me to organise a date in advance.

Monday 21stplease enquire
Tuesday 22ndplease enquire
Wednesday 23rdplease enquire
Thursday 24thavailable
Friday 25thunavailable
Saturday 26thunavailable
Sunday 27thlate afternoon/ evening availability
Monday 28thavailable
Tuesday 29thavailable
Wednesday 30thavailable
Thursday 31stavailable
Friday 1stevening availability
Saturday 2ndavailable
Sunday 3rdavailable
Monday 4thavailable
Tuesday 5thlimited availability
Wednesday 6thavailable
Thursday 7thavailable
Friday 8thdaytime availability
Saturday 9thavailable
Sunday 10thavailable
Monday 11thavailable
Tuesday 12thavailable
Wednesday 13thavailable
Thursday 14thavailable
Friday 15thavailable
Saturday 16thavailable
Sunday 17thavailable
Monday 18thavailable
Tuesday 19thavailable
Wednesday 20thavailable
Thursday 21stavailable
Friday 22ndavailable
Saturday 23rddaytime availability
Sunday 24thavailable
Monday 25thavailable
Tuesday 26thavailable
Wednesday 27thavailable
Thursday 28thlimited availability
Friday 29thavailable
Saturday 30thavailable
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