Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Ms Scarlett's Reviews
April 2017

Scarlett Maison


From looking at all of her photos, even though her face is blurred you get the impression that Scarlett is beautiful but the reality far outstrips anything you can imagine.

After texting her to let her know I had arrived, I was waiting nervously for her to meet me but was gobsmacked when I saw this vision in a red dress approaching me. She is not just beautiful…she is absolutely gorgeous!

As we headed upstairs and went in she calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease…it’s a rare gift and she has it in spades.  We spent some “getting to know you” time together on the couch then sorted out the financials and I jumped in the shower.

We made it to the room where I helped her out of her dress and spent more time warming up…she is a phenomenal kisser.

Things hotted up quickly and we divested ourselves of towels and underwear and made it to the bed.

I won’t go into specifics, but Scarlett is exceptionally skilled.  I had a lot of fun both giving and receiving with her and we got hot and sweaty together.   ;)

A quick clean up shower later and then we were back on the bed relaxing and winding down…the conversation was almost as good as the previous activities.

Scarlett is an absolute treasure and someone that you must spend time with…every second with her is time well spent that you will never regret.

WIR:  just try and stop me!  :P

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