Business (not) as usual

March 2020

Scarlett Maison – Business (not) as usual

The corona virus is here in my city of Brisbane and the world as I know it is changing rapidly, I can’t keep up. I’m being told what to do and what not to do and it’s overwhelming. As a sole trader my business is mine and mine only, this is a blessing in many ways however in times like this is makes decisions difficult. I can look to my peers and chat to clients or friends for advice but ultimately all decisions come down to me, until the Queensland government tells me otherwise. 

There may come a time very soon when I’m told that I have to cease providing my services, who knows how long for? Until that happens I’ll be available if anyone would like to spend time with me. I’m not naive to the risks and I trust any adult to make their own informed decision. Like small businesses I have ongoing costs so I’m doing what I can to keep running during the time of the unknown. If you would like to see me when the curve has flattened then you are welcome to prepay future dates and take advantage of my current discount. 20% off any future date if paid in full by March 31st.

While I’m available there will be some changes so please take note; I will only see 3 lovers each week for dates that are 2 hours or longer. Priority will be given to those who I have already met. My services will remain the same for now, along with my usual strict hygiene measures. Times are flexible and available days will be listed on my website.

While I’m not working I’ll be self isolating, I have all I need at home and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some studying, cooking and home workouts. I won’t be on social media often and I’ll have some downtime so please don’t be concerned if I don’t respond to your enquiry promptly.

If I do officially close for business and you want to keep updated on any changes you can sign up to my Red House news here.

During this time please treat others as you would like to be treated and keep in touch with your loved ones.

Virtual hugs, Scarlett x

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