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Scarlett Maison's services for couples

If you are a couple who would like to try something new in the bedroom then you have come to the right place. Over the last few years I have spent time with many couples who have wanted to spice up their sexual relationship by inviting a third person to join them. Most of the couples that I spend time with are experiencing their first threesome so I am familiar with the emotions that surround this type of experience. It is often the lady’s first encounter with another woman, which is understandably a little daunting but also very exciting. For this reason I like to communicate with both parties beforehand to discuss the type of experience they like to enjoy with me.

I see couples from all walks of life: some have been married for 20 years and would like to try something different, some couples have a new partner to explore with, and many want to treat their partner to a threesome for a special birthday or anniversary. I am always grateful to be invited into a couple’s life to share their special moment.


Before I spend time with a couple I like plenty of communication between all parties so that we can plan the best sexual experience for everyone. I make sure that I understand their motivation for inviting a third person into the bedroom and also discuss expectations and boundaries that they may have. Some couples may be comfortable without boundaries while others may prefer to exclude certain sexual acts, which is fine by me.

This is where choosing an escort to enjoy a threesome with is one of the safest options, instead of meeting someone on a swingers website or trying to pick-up in a club. You can meet confidently with me knowing that I am experienced, professional and I look after my sexual health. I can assure you there will be no jealousy from me, if you get lost in the moment enjoying each other then I won’t feel left out, I am there to heighten your experience and add another dimension to your sexual relationship. I should also mention that your little secret is safe with me 😉

Experienced couples

For those couples that are experienced in the art of the ménage à trois you will find that I am an open minded and confident woman, who thoroughly enjoys the eroticism of multiple bodies entwined in pleasure. Share your desires and fantasies with me and I’ll do my best to help you create them.

Ladies only

Perhaps you would like to enjoy some one-on-one girl time together while your partner watches us. No matter your sexual orientation or previous experience with other ladies we will definitely have fun together. You may enjoy me giving you a sensual oil massage, indulging in a spa bath together or cuddling up between the sheets and exploring each other’s bodies. I have toys too if that is something you would like to try together. With me there is never any pressure to perform or partake in anything you’re not comfortable with, you set the boundaries or we go with the flow.

What can we and can’t we do?

There is plenty of fun to be had with three people in the bedroom and many ways we can pleasure each other simultaneously, let your imagination run wild! While most couples enjoy everyone taking part in the fun at once, sometimes a couple may request that the lady and I play with each other while her partner watches, or instead the lady and I focus on pleasuring her partner.

I have a few rules of engagement for my own comfort and enjoyment. I don’t allow anal play or anal sex on me and I don’t allow bondage, discipline or rough sex on me. Good sexual hygiene is a priority so please be mindful of changing condoms and washing hands during our intimate time together.

Making a booking

If you think you are ready to discuss a date with me then I would love to hear from you via email or text first, it’s also possible to arrange a time to chat on the phone if you prefer. In your first contact I’d like to know a bit about you as a couple and perhaps your reason for wanting to partake in a threesome, this information is for my eyes only so don’t be shy. If you have any fantasies or scenarios that you have envisaged then please share them with me, the more I understand what you would like the better our time together will be.

For a first experience I recommend three hours. We can meet in a bar and get to know one another over a drink before heading into the bedroom.

I look forward to hearing from couples that are secure in their relationship and would like to invite me to join them for some fun.

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