July 2019

Scarlett Maison – Instagram

Today marks one year since opening my Instagram account. When it comes to social media I’m always late to the party, probably because I don’t like to conform. When I first began escorting, the adult industry was somewhat underground and I found it quite isolating. So over the years I joined Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and most recently Instagram. Now I interact with escorts from all around the world who have similar values and lifestyles to mine.

My purpose with Instagram is to connect with the Brisbane community and share my adventures as a private escort. I follow subjects that I’m passionate about: theatre, food, design and nature. I’m grateful that some of my clients follow me on social media. The fact that they aren’t embarrassed or ashamed to connect with an escort in a public space warms my heart. Also I enjoy seeing their posts as I learn more about them, which I feel enhances our time together.

As you will see my Instagram feed doesn’t have a central theme and my photos aren’t beautifully curated with the same filter. I like to think of it as a diary featuring snapshots of my diverse life. I hope that my posts on social media help to dispel any outdated stereotypes that the community may have about escorts. Come, follow my adventures.

Scarlett x

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