Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Ms Scarlett's Reviews
August 2016

Scarlett Maison


This process could not have been easier. I emailed my booking request at 9.34pm and it was finalised and locked in by bed time the same night. She remember meeting me at the drinks night 2 years earlier without any mention of it from me, which was a great start. Everything I asked for in the original email was agreed upon and the only thing was one simple question. Is the 8.30pm time flexible? Well luckily I said yes, because by the time I got to my apartment from Melbourne Airport, had a shower and dressed, it was time to head down to the lobby to let Scarlett in.

All of those feelings from when I first saw Scarlett those two long years earlier, came flooding back, and watching her saunter towards the entrance had me knowing I had made the right choice. Small talk came easy and the usually quick lift ride to the 7th floor seemed to take an eternity in our mixed company (why are elevators not built smaller – just for two).
Once in the room, I had realised what a lousy host I was going to be that night. Luckily the fact that she had just had dinner with a friend, including cocktails, eased the pain of my not having had a chance to shop. My feeble offering of tea or coffee out of the way, along with other necessities, we headed towards the chesterfield to catch up. Enjoying several lingering kisses before finally taking our seat.
Watching Scarlett as she was speaking, I remembered a dream I had enjoyed a couple of nights earlier. I had had a clear vision of Miss Maison in her blouse and panties only, and thus my first goal was set. Suggesting that Scarlett get a little more comfortable, I requested she bring up her legs and lay back. Boots slowly removed and those two delicately beautiful feet being caressed, I decided to share the vision from my dream earlier in the week. I’m not sure if it was the idea of giving me access to her lower regions or the fact that in the cold Melbourne climate she may be able to keep her blouse on for a while longer, but the offer to remove her skin tight pants came swiftly. Kneeling between her knees, her now cooling legs snuggling in to my body for warmth, I couldn’t help but move in for more of her sensual smooches. Several times I pulled away to admire Scarlett in her blouse and panties and several times I quickly returned my lips to various portions of her available skin. However, no matter how much I was enjoying my dream come to life, the remaining garments were definitely in my way and as we slowly removed the each other’s remaining attire, the comfort of the king size bed beckoned.
It was a relatively long trip to the bedroom entrance less than 6 metres away, but once there, Scarlett decided it was my time to receive some of her attention. From the moment my last item of clothing hit the floor, there was no doubt that my initials thoughts of something deliriously special hiding beneath the surface, was spot on. Scarlett and I meshed together beautifully. No awkward movements or silences. People talk about the chemistry? We were one fluid integration as two extremely compatible substances entwined to form an amazing new compound. The value of this exciting new compound . . . PRICELESS!
I won’t elaborate too much on our high jinks, but descending on to the King size bed, and under the blankets, it was not long before we were both giving as good as we got, and as she took a u turn I found my second wind. The way her mouth teased and tantalised me had me wondering if the condom was already on, but that didn’t happen until later . . . only when she prepared to take me deep in her mouth. Up the other end . . . the view is one I will not soon forget and the vision feeds my hunger every time I reminisce. If I am totally honest with myself, I didn’t miss intercourse at all. In fact I really enjoyed the tantalising nature of “Intimate Explorations” and the ability to answer “No I didn’t have sex with her” if ever interrogated, is a major bonus lol. Anyway, That is surely enough to encourage you all to give Scarlett Maison a try. The rest of the sexy details I am keeping to myself.

From the moment she sauntered towards me in the lobby, right through all of our shenanigans, and until the moment she drove off in her Uber, Scarlett was an absolute delight to spend my time with. Her service and commitment to my pleasure far outweighed my hopes and dreams (I try not to have expectations). If it wasn’t for someone I used to respect, telling me that she was overpriced for CBJ (not that he had ever had a booking with her) I would have taken the plunge with Scarlett a very long time ago. Based on our experience together that Thursday evening . . . Scarlett would have been a regular part (and hopefully will be from now on) of all of my Brisbane trips.

Will I return . . . I think I have already answered that . . . HELL YEAH!!!

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