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Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Mr E.
April 2019

Scarlett Maison

So a bit of a background- I’m in my twenties, quite a shy and introverted guy. I’ve never had a girlfriend, nor any flings of any sort. I’m the first to admit I’m socially awkward and talking with females is not the easiest thing for me. However I’ve been feeling increasing pressure from myself I guess to lose my virginity, maybe its popular culture, maybe its just that I think it would help with this whole situation.

And so going through Punterplanet and ScarletBlue- I found Scarlett Maison. In particular there were earlier reviews that detailed similar experiences and so I thought this would be perfect. The perfect situation to engage in. For my confidence. For my psyche. And also she looked great so for pleasure.

I messaged Scarlett a little while back in early March to lock in a time and had one during mid April. However this was eventually rescheduled to end of April just due to some personal reasons.

So how about the experience itself?

Well I arrived at her doorstep. She dressed as I imagined- corporate outfit with sheer stockings. We chatted, she made me feel at home as we discussed various things- life, Brisbane. While it was casual, she did not push anything and for me that was alright. She reassured me that we didn’t need to rush anything and we just talked. Payment was settled on quite early. However then it was time to move on and after a quick shower, I joined her on the bed.

It started slow with kisses and stroking as she let me explore all parts of her body and then her lips and then she explored all my body part with various parts of her body including her legs (yes I may have a nylon fetish). It progressed to oral sex both from me and her, 69 and then intercourse firstly in various positions including doggy style. I would say she was caring throughout, constantly asking me if I was okay and helping me become better. It was a very sensual experience and an absolute amazing experience to have as my first. It might have been better if I actually knew what I was doing but I’m better for the experience.

The afters was pretty good too. We just cuddled and talked. One disappointing thing for me is that there wasn’t much of a connection beyond the lust (from my part anyway). She was lovely to talk to but I feel lie we just didn’t mesh that well particularly with our different paths but that’s certainly no fault of hers and perhaps mine own.

So did I get what I want from this experience? Confidence- perhaps, improved psyche- likely so, satisfaction- definitely.

For those of you out there, I would definitely recommend for everyone- both virgins and non-virgins.. I think she would be even better if you were more experienced unlike me. And if you are one of the rare virgins- choose her and you won’t regret your first time. 

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