Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Mr & Mrs S
February 2018

Scarlett Maison


Scarlett is an amazing young woman who allowed us to expand our sexual experiences and desires within our marriage. Initially we met with Scarlett in our hotel room for our anniversary, and she provided a sensual approach as a courtesan to help us expand our own personal sexual experiences with each other as a couple (plus one). This was something that we has discussed for years but never really had the courage to undertake.

My amazing wife selected Scarlett as the perfect courtesan for her, and obviously me. Scarlett was wonderfully skilled at helping us experience a higher level of sexuality with each other with her as a third person present. At this point we were not yet ready to have her full services and she was amazing at helping protect the integrity of our very long-term relationship with her Intimate Exploration package. We were left very satisfied and much more relaxed with our amazing courtesan after this night and were immediately wondering what-if we were wanting more from Scarletts’ alluring skills in the bedroom???

Guess what my wife gave me for my birthday? Yes, we came back only 3months later to be completely indulged with Scarletts’ amazing couples Indulgence package. We had a truly amazing catch-up with drinks and conversation, before 2hours of unforgettable sexuality that was perfect for couples seeking more within a marriage.

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