Ms Scarlett's Reviews
Ms Scarlett's Reviews
September 2016

Scarlett Maison


A reliable communicator.
A cheeky photo tweeted.
A broad, beaming smile.
A stunningly beautiful face.
A friendly kiss on the cheek.
A gentle, welcoming touch.
A warm kiss on the lips.
A cosy companion on the couch.
A sensual touch.
A deeper passionate kiss.
A sexual presence on my lap.
A perfect body removed from its dress.
A tantalising walk to the bedroom.
A softer skinned woman may not exist.
A lingerie set on the floor.
A responsive recipient of pleasure.
A tickling tongue.
A teasing tongue.
A very giving lover.
A fulfiller of desires.
A striking vision in the bedside mirror.
A comforting conversationalist.
A subtle, arousing recommencement.
A firm request for what she wants.
A feeling I’ll never forget.
A vision burnt into my brain.
A cuddle to re-compose.
A genuine farewell.
A lady worthy of your time.


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