When you change the way you see things, the things you see change

April 2020

Scarlett Maison – When you change the way you see things, the things you see change

A big thank you for your words of support recently and to those who pre-paid a future date with me. Your generosity and trust is greatly appreciated and has helped me to feel more secure moving into the next few months of the unknown. The last few weeks I’ve experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. Those who know me well would be aware that I dont watch or read the news, I also don’t interact a lot on social media. I’m a sensitive soul and I’m unable to handle the negative energy, however recently I have had to tune in to keep up with what is and isn’t legal in my home state of Queensland.

I feel I have absorbed enough news for the moment so I’m going to have a holiday for a week to rejuvenate and reset my energy. Don’t be concerned if I’m not posting on social media often, I’m using my free time wisely. Allow me to share with you how I’m getting through these crazy times…

I’ve been enjoying virtual yoga a few times a week and I highly recommend the MindBody app, it allows you to connect to various virtual classes held by different studios and gyms. The variety is great, so occasionally I’ll do a more intense workout to get the blood pumping. I should mention that these ways of communicating (FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook live videos) are very new to me, I’m not a tech-savvy lady so I’m learning as I go. The main thing I’ve learnt is how to switch my computer camera off during a live class so that no-one is perving on my booty in downward dog 😉

Face-timing with my family is now a regular thing, it’s often the highlight of my day. It took me a little while to become comfortable with it but I urge you to give it a go, even just for a laugh. Speaking of laughs, I follow the Melbourne Comedy Festival on Instagram so every now and then a short video will pop up on my screen and lift my mood. Actually they are broadcasting a live show on ABC this Sunday night, check the link here and enjoy the LOLs.

What else have I been doing? Walking in the sunshine and listening to music. Don’t underestimate the power that music has to change your vibe. Many bands and artists have taken to writing music and sharing live concerts on YouTube and social media, also some have very inspiring messages for those struggling with isolation and job loss. Go check out your favourites for some inspiration.

Routine, routine is great for health and I have the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals and consume my vitamins and supplements each day. Oh and gardening, I’ve been doing that too. So yes I’ve been busy doing the things I love – except for entertaining my lovers.

I must confess I’m missing the intimacy and excitement that work brings me. Over the next month I won’t be entertaining anyone that I haven’t previously met, but know that I am still here so reach out if you like. Any updates will be on my availability page.

Sending love and virtual hugs,

Scarlett x

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